April 22, 2022

Attack of the Killer Podcast 259: Cannon Films

Ever heard the phrase one step forward and two steps back?  Well if you haven't, then that rock you were under had company.  A specific company as a matter of fact.  Say hello to Cannon Films.  A juggernaut when comes to releasing films in the 80's.  For every success, there were at least 4 failures this film studio made.  For every Breakin', there was a Mata Hari that followed.  For every Bloodsport, there was a musical called The Apple.  For every Death Wish 3, there's a....wait a minute!  You should totally watch that movie.  Turn your hats backward like a switch Over the Top style and get ready as Tadd, Andy, and AotKP Alumni Bryan Clark tackle three horror films released by the film company that gave Charles Bronson and Chuck Norris a home, Cannon Films.  Plus, if it's Chuck Norris approved, you have no way of saying no.

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